MostWaves Cocoon

MostWaves Cocoon – MostLeds

Matching up with a global research for well-being in our industrialised societies, MostLeds have launched a multidimensional concept called Photobiosonia®, which addresses the body, the mind and the spirit and offers a natural holistic approach. This treatment gathering three technologies in one dedicated space, the MostWaves Cocoon.

It mainly consists in use of “Photobiomodulation” with a bed of LEDs to treat the “whole body” in association with “Music therapy” for the potential of vibratory waves of music to heal, calm and provide well-being, with the innovation of the vibroacoustic slab and the experience of musical spatiality. Then they provide a “Negative ionisation of the air” to realise the treatments in a purified air and improve all the results of the other care.

Author: Body Language

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