A new partner for Embody Paris

A new partner for Embody Paris

The implants market leader Groupe Sebbin, announces distribution agreement with the innovative post-operative lingerie French brand, Embody Paris.

EMBODYPICThe global medical device company Groupe Sebbin, headquartered in France and established for more than 30 years, who creates, develops, manufactures and mar- kets high quality implants, expanders and other solutions for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, announces that it has reached an agreement with the French post-operative lingerie brand, Embody Paris, to start distributing their products in Europe including France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, UK, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Baltic countries.
Embody’s innovative, luxury, French made post-operative lingerie is directly complementary of Sebbin’s product range and is addressed to the same group of professionals. This partnership is of mutual interest as it will strengthen Sebbin’s presence in the non-invasive product market and open Embody to a vast network of potential clients acquired by Sebbin in over 30 years in the aesthetic world.

Diederik Van Goor, CEO of group Sebbin states, “I am very pleased to have reached an agreement with Embody Paris. This partnership will extend our non-invasive product line furthermore and is beneficial for both Sebbin and Embody as we share the same values of quality and image and the same network of professionals working in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.”

The young company Embody Paris was born after a two-year research and development period along with extraordinary partners to bring a fresh look at post surgery lingerie with innovation and boldness.

Fitting every morphology like a second skin, supporting every woman made vulnerable by their intervention, keeping thinking of new solutions to improve their comfort and make their bodies look better; that is the challenge that Embody has taken up with passion.

The idea arose from a woman who did observe that women had difficulties in finding postoperative lingerie that could be both comfortable and elegant.

Embody stands out thanks to its great technical assets that are patent protected: magnetic snaps, innovative fabrics that brings an ideal support without compressing, at stitches and many adjustments points along with French glamour.

“My team and I are really pleased with this partner- ship as it will allow us to quicken our development both in France and Europe. Joining forces with a leader is a great opportunity especially as we share the same values regarding quality and services. Values that are aiming for a common goal: patient’s wellbeing and surgeon’s satisfaction.” Says Séphanie Romanet, CEO of Embody.

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